Monday, June 22, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: Week One

Oh my goodness!  Last week sure was a whirlwind!  Our last day of school was on Thursday (WOOHOO!), the TPT Seller Challenge began, and on Friday morning I traveled to Arkansas with my fiancé for his cousin's wedding.  BUUUUUTTTTT I'm back now and ready to start my summer!  Below are my beginning stats for the seller challenge.

I don't have a separate Pinterest account, but I DO have a separate Pinterest board.  My board currently has 957 followers.  Since beginning the challenge I have started my Facebook page.  To be quite honest, I find Instagram to be the easiest platform for my marketing and I easily track other sellers' activity on Instagram.  

Okay, so for week one of the seller challenge I decided to make over my Commutative Property with Bingo Daubers booklet.  You can click any of the product photos to take you directly to my store to purchase.  This is one of my lower maintenance products.  I have some plans to take a look at some of my other products in my store now that school is out.  

I spiffied up the clipart, added a fun and colorful cover page, and updated my fonts.  This may be a simple product, but I'm so glad I made some time to re-do this one.  I used this activity as a formative assessment last year. 

Are you participating in the TPT Seller Challenge?  If not, make sure to check it out!  Stay tuned.  I will be writing about WEEK TWO soon!

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