Thursday, October 22, 2015

Student Portfolios

During my most recent grade level collaboration, a conversation of tracking student progress in order to set goals came up.  I realized, amidst the school and grade level switch, I had forgotten to update my student portfolio forms and get them ready.  Last year I had created documents to put in the portfolios, but I did it too late in the year to fully implement.  I guess what I really did was some preparation for this year. 

I have started to move away from guided reading and instead focus more on one-on-one reading conferences with all of my students.  This has really helped me understand my readers so much better!  When I meet with each child, I listen to them read their book of choice and make notes.  After a few minutes, I stop to share my notes with the child.  Then we review their individual CAFE menu and set a goal for our next meeting.  

As part of our upcoming reading conferences, I will be reviewing each child's beginning-of-the-year DRA and SRI data.  Together, we will graph their data and discuss what specific goals we can set in order to make progress for the mid-year testing.  
I am so excited about these conferences and can't wait to share more information with you!  Follow me on Twitter to see more of what my class is doing.  I try and post every day or at least 3 times/week!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Utilizing Technology in Language Arts

Hi friends!

Today I'm reaching out to y'all to ask for help instead of sharing.

My school district is putting a huge push on integrating technology into the classroom.  I'm sure this is something many of you are experiencing as well.  I have always considered myself to be a technology expert and am always looking into what's new.  Last year, when I taught all subjects in 2nd Grade, I used Plickers, Kahoot!, and Nearpod.  This year I am finding it more of a struggle to integrate purposeful technology since I only teach reading and writing.  Our district has purchased Achieve 3000 for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders to use during literacy rotations.  I AM using technology in my classroom with this program, but as a tech savvy teacher I am feeling like I'm not doing enough.  (Who DOESN'T feel that way?  Comes with the job.)

So I'm asking, more like DESPERATELY BEGGING, you for help.  What purposeful technology do you use for language arts?  Do you have any suggestions?  I have been researching Edmodo and trying to learn more about it as well as thinking about how I can use it.  Do you use it?  What do you use it for?

Y'all, ANY suggestions are welcome.  I don't want to overuse technology and lose out on instructional time so I am looking for something practical and useful for my 3rd graders.

Thank you so much, loves! :)