Thursday, October 22, 2015

Student Portfolios

During my most recent grade level collaboration, a conversation of tracking student progress in order to set goals came up.  I realized, amidst the school and grade level switch, I had forgotten to update my student portfolio forms and get them ready.  Last year I had created documents to put in the portfolios, but I did it too late in the year to fully implement.  I guess what I really did was some preparation for this year. 

I have started to move away from guided reading and instead focus more on one-on-one reading conferences with all of my students.  This has really helped me understand my readers so much better!  When I meet with each child, I listen to them read their book of choice and make notes.  After a few minutes, I stop to share my notes with the child.  Then we review their individual CAFE menu and set a goal for our next meeting.  

As part of our upcoming reading conferences, I will be reviewing each child's beginning-of-the-year DRA and SRI data.  Together, we will graph their data and discuss what specific goals we can set in order to make progress for the mid-year testing.  
I am so excited about these conferences and can't wait to share more information with you!  Follow me on Twitter to see more of what my class is doing.  I try and post every day or at least 3 times/week!

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