Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Organization Project #1

Happy summer, y'all!  Tomorrow I start an all day, two day graduate level class through Regent University to count towards my licensure renewal.  I know I have only been out of school for four years now, but the thought of having to write a paper or take a test is just beyond me right now.  A few years ago I was diagnosed with ADD which explained why I always had such a hard time studying in school.  Even in college I just couldn't seem to sit down, focus, and study.  I have been thinking about going back to graduate school to get my masters for a little while now, but I am extremely hesitant to do so knowing how I am... a total squirrel. 

Funky in FourthAnyway... in order to help my squirrely mind I needed to tackle a personal organization project... MY DESKTOP!  I watched Cassie Dahl from Funky in Fourth's video tutorial on how to change up your folder icons a few months ago when she first posted it and was OBSESSED!  I didn't have time to really fix it up how I wanted until today.   You can click either of the pictures below to take you directly to her post to watch the tutorial for yourself.  I cannot thank her enough because now my squirrely brain feels at ease when I look at my desktop. 


  1. Those icons are adorable! Love the organization! I need to do something like this.