Monday, March 30, 2015

"Whale" Hello!

My goodness!  I am so terrible still at blogging.  If you follow me on Instagram you are aware of some of the recent BIG changes in my life.  For those of you who do not follow my Instagram (although you really should ;) haha) I will catch y'all up.

Let's start off with the bad news:

At the beginning of March, once we returned from our "snow-cation," I received news that my position in my building is being cut due to allocations that came out for the following school year.  Our building is losing almost one teacher per grade level.  It is absolutely heart breaking.  Our class sizes will be growing next year to most likely 26-28 students as an effect of these cuts.  I am considered a "priority transfer" so I have a job in the district but my new location is unknown as well as my grade level.  I am hoping and praying every day for a new home that is just as wonderful as my current building.

Onto the GREAT/FANTASTIC news:

After leaving our district Meet and Greet even on Wednesday I GOT ENGAGED! Yup! What a wonderfully surprising ending to quite a stressful day.  My fiancé (y'all I still can't get used to that) had been hinting he wanted to take some walks through a local park once the weather started to warm up for a while.  I was definitely not opposed to this but it has just been too darn cold lately.  On Wednesday it was absolutely gorgeous.  We drove out to the bay and I was not too excited about it.  I currently live minutes from the oceanfront so a drive to the bay after the long day I had was NOT what I had in mind.  Anyway, it was really nice out and walking on the sand felt so nice.  I am beyond ready for summer.  However, if you know me you know that I'm quite the complainer when I'm tired.  After what felt like 20 minutes I asked if we could turn around and go home.  I was informed that we had only been walking for just over 5 minutes. Haha! (It really was a long day, y'all.  Full day at school followed by parading around and meeting many new administrators hoping to make a good impression.  It was exhausting.)  He agreed to turn around and just before reaching the end of the beach he proposed.  Boy did I feel like a big-ole whiny pants!  Lucky for me he knows what to expect from me on any given day after work.  I really am in disbelief that he can handle me every single day. 

When we got back to my place I was in for even more surprises.  He had been working with my childhood best friend to set up a romantic dinner.  They are seriously the BEST!

I am so excited to start planning a wedding.  Thank you to all of my followers who have sent congratulatory messages.  Y'all are too sweet!

Next week is our spring break.  I will be packing up my current home and starting the moving process into OUR first home together.  In addition to moving, I, like every other teacher on the planet, also have plans to write upon our return.

Up Next: My plan for my next post is about my online portfolio I referenced to in one of my Instagram posts before the Meet and Greet.  I am hoping to get to that soon.

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