Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Online Portfolio

Happy Tuesday!

This week I FINALLY have my spring break vacation.  I know we had a few "snowcation" days but this wait for break feels like it was taking FOREVER!  The rush to get grades in within the same amount of time since the quarter wasn't extended definitely put a large amount of stress and pressure on all of us.  While sitting for a few minutes to enjoy my morning before resuming packing my apartment I realized there are less than 50 days left of our school year and I had a rush of feelings come over me.  Every teacher gets excited about summertime.  A few months off to relax, enjoy the weather & our families, and mentally prepare for the next school year is what each and every one of us needs.  I love my job but I lose "me time" during the school year because I dedicate all of my time to preparing for the next day or the next week.  In addition to an excited feeling I started to feel upset.  As I mentioned in my previous post I will be moving buildings (again) next year due to budget cuts.  At this point in time I am still awaiting a new placement and feeling very unsure, overwhelmed, and anxious.  Will I be moved to another supportive and positive building?  Will I be teaching 2nd grade or be making another grade level change?  What will my students be like?  It is all so much to think about.  A few weeks ago I posted a picture on Instagram referencing my online portfolio and said I would blog about it.  It isn't much but here we go!

My online portfolio is set up through Google Sites.  I had set it up a few years ago when I first started applying for jobs and have updated it as needed.  Click any of the pictures below to check it out for yourself!  It is pretty simple and user friendly for your employers to check out.  The first two images show the main page.  It describes my reason for becoming a teacher and the journey I took to earning my license.

One tab gives some overall information about myself.  Every interview I have ever been on starts off with the employer asking me to tell about myself.  Why not put some information in writing for them to refer back to if they would like after the interview?  Think about all of the people they interview sometimes.  This is a great way for them to remember you!

I have a separate tab with attached test scores and professional evaluations.  After a while I don't think the test scores really matter but I like to have them there just in case.  By attaching my recent professional evaluations I feel like I'm not hiding anything and am showing how open I am to them reviewing the files.  

 Lastly, I have added snippets to show some of my creations.  During my most recent interview I was asked about my comfortably with technology and how I would describe myself?  This provides proof of my creativity and my comfortably with technology.  You can talk someone's ear off all day but providing proof is so meaningful. 

I hope this helps for anyone who was interested!  Please e-mail me (whalecometo2ndgrade@gmail.com) or comment below with any questions and say a little prayer for me that I find a new, wonderful home next year.  

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