Thursday, February 19, 2015

Getting Started

Today is our district's 3rd snow day this week and I just learned we will be off tomorrow as well.  Our main roads are cleared but low temperatures are freezing over what snow there is left on side roads and in neighborhoods.  If any northerners saw what our area currently looks like y'all would laugh at us for still being shut down.  However, with a whole week off I have had time to relax, think, and make lengthy to do lists.  

This is my 2nd year of teaching but my 1st year in second grade.  With the grade level and building change I sometimes feel like a first year teacher again.  So here is a question for all of you veteran teachers: What is something you wish you knew within your first few years of teaching?

Please comment below with your feedback!  I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks, y'all.  

1 comment:

  1. That somehow it will all get done so stressing isn't necessary! :) I'm glad to find your blog. I teach on the peninsula so I'm with you on the snow days.