Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I'm Having A Sale!

We have two back-to-back staff days in our district this week.  AMAZING!  We had Monday to finish up grades for report cards and Tuesday is used for whatever your school decides.  My principal has given us the second day to use however we would like.  How perfect is that?!  Time to work in my classroom and get paid for it?  What a thought!  
Yesterday, while typing up my report card comments, I was finding myself a bit flustered.  How can I help my parents help their kids?  This is only my 2nd year teaching, my 1st year teaching second grade, but I just needed to figure out something!  I often put together take-home reader folders for my struggling readers.  I put 1-2 leveled books in the folder with a correlating organizer.  The student is to read the book each night for a week and fill out the organizer.  When it returns on Friday I listen to them reading to make sure they have been practicing their fluency at home.  This has been WONDERFUL for some of my little friends, but some parents need more.  When I taught Kindergarten last year I had found a bookmark to send home with parents to assist them in their discussions about the texts read at home, but the one I had used was too basic for my second graders.  
That's the back story of how my newest product was made.  I am looking forward to putting these together at school today and sending them home on Wednesday.  We have 1/2 of the year left so it's time to hustle!  This product, as well as my addition scoots bundle, is on SALE in my TPT store until TONIGHT! Go and grab yours today!

 *PLEASE respect my property that I have spent time to create and do not manipulate.*  Click on any picture to take you to my store to purchase!

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