Friday, November 20, 2015

Spelling App

Hey y'all!

I wanted to share my new favorite app with you.  I'm always looking for something to make any aspect of my instructional day easier.  Honestly... I can only get but so much done.  Ya with me?

Every Monday we give a spelling pre-test and then a post-test on Friday.  Easy enough, right?  Well if your room is anything like mine, students come in late, students are pulled out for PALS or other services, etc.  This is all fine and dandy, but when am I supposed to find extra time to do it again with these students? Sometimes one comes in and the next goes out.  That's two different students I need to make it up with now.  AH!  It occurred to me that with all of the technology we have there must be SOMETHING out there to help me no longer lose my mind. Well, I was right. If you don't know about A+ Spelling Test you're missing out!
You can type in your spelling list and voice recording for each word.  There are two practice features you can utilize.  I have not used these features yet, but like the idea of them.  Students can practice typing out the words.  This feature shows them the correct amount of letters with blanks.
Students can also unscramble the words.  If they need the word repeated all they have to do it press the microphone button. 
Lastly, here is the test feature, a.k.a. My Time Saver.  Words are read to the student so you don't have to sit one-on-one and call them out.  They type out the word.  It provides instant feedback to the student after they hit NEXT if it was incorrect by showing them the correct spelling.  At the end it will show a report.  I can see if the student missed any words and if they did how they spelled it.  I can't tell you enough how much I love this app. Did I mention there is a free version?  Yup!  That's the version I am currently using.  
Do you use this app?  Look into it if you do spelling assessments and have the same issues I do.  


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