Monday, September 28, 2015

Class Dojo FREEBIE

Happy Monday, everyone!

It's the fourth week of school for me and I'm still feeling drained after a Monday.  I know that's typical for every Monday.  I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the DRA tunnel.  Phew!  If your district uses the DRA you know what I'm feeling.  I have two classes this year totaling 35 students.  That's a lot of DRAs, people!  I have finished up one class and am nearing the end with the other.  As exhausting as administering this many DRAs is, I love doing it because I get to know my readers so well at the beginning of the year.

Wow... squirrel moment!  I did NOT start this blog post to talk about DRAs. haha.  I did want to tell you about my Class Dojo Brag Tags! Half of my homeroom glass has entered the 50 point club.  WOOHOO!  Today I welcomed my first member of the 100 point club!  We're on fire, y'all!  My kids are loving earning their Class Dojo Brag Tags and joining a point club.  My friends who haven't entered a club yet are soooooo close and are extremely motivated to join their friends.  My brag tags, which you can find in my TpT store for FREE, come in increments of 50 points all the way up to 1,000!  I was so delighted to see this product has been downloaded over 300 times. :) Makes my heart smile thinking students in classrooms everywhere are earning Dojo brag tags.

However, after receiving a request for an editable template, it occurred to me that not everyone uses Class Dojo the same way.  Hello!!!! Duh!  So, by request, I have created an EDITABLE Class Dojo Brag Tags product so you can just type in the point values that best suit your needs.

Enjoy, y'all!  Get your Dojo on!


  1. Ok! So how do you use them? I just gave a prize every week to the top earners, sent home reports on Fridays and included top earners in a monthly drawing which was a tote bag filled with cool school supplies!

    1. Last year I let my boy and girl with the most points pick a coupon from our classroom rewards coupon box.

      This year I have decided to incorporate brag tags into my behavior management system since my school gives them out to students so they are familiar with the concept. The students have a large binder ring (you could use necklaces) they collect their brag tags on. If hand mine out in increments of 50 (if you choose to use those increments they are already done for you in a separate TpT product in my store). I just check the report daily to see if anyone has made it into a new club.