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Whale-come to my classroom!  Take a peek inside.  If you have read about my classroom setup before you know I like to switch things up as I get settled in a new room.   With that being said, I have already moved some things around. :)  Enjoy!

Last year I had clips with my students' names on them, but since I'm team teaching this year I didn't want to make 35 clips!
Last year I used Skippyjon Jones as my take-home writing buddy.  Students took him home in a backpack along with the book and a composition notebook over a weekend.  They wrote about their weekend with Skippy and shared with the class on Monday.  They also had a poster to decorate with information about them to display in the hall.  Like everything else, I start the year off by modeling how to journal and design a poster.  I have mine all ready to go in the hall.

Loving my front door!  How could you not fall in love with the precious mason jars and that precious vinyl "hello" decal?!  I also think it's so darling how my building still has the name plates made for your door. 

Birthday Wall- I only have 18 homeroom students, but I am displaying ALL of my students' birthdays.  My team teacher has 15 students in her homeroom.  The display is by Tricia Lyday on TpT and the adorable flamingos are by Melonheadz.
Student brag tags will be kept on this wall.  The students put their brag tags on large binder rings.   I used clear Command Decorating Clips to hold the binder rings.  
This is my Daily 5 display.  The banner is from my Editable Banner Template pack on TpT.   I made my rotation cards with School Girl Style's Watercolor Flamingo papers. 
I LOVE my area above my door.  Melonheadz make everything better.  And did you see my precious clock?! 
I created my own clock on Zazzle with the help of School Girl Style, KG fonts, and Creative Clips.  
My learning target display is laminated so I just write the target on with an Expo marker and erase.  I love the  "key vocabulary" space so students can identify important terms for each new unit.  This display pack is by Colleen Alaniz on TpT, but the title I created with KG fonts.
Last year I used an anchor chart wall in my classroom and I swear by it!  My kids always used it as a reference.  The anchor is by Creative Clips and I had it enlarged at our Teacher Production Center.
I am so in love with my new Grammar Wall above it by Learning in Wonderland.  
My WRITE board stays the same all year.  It displays my Writing Process Clip Chart so my students can move their clip throughout the writing process and I can easily see who is ready to meet with me during writing process pieces.  You can purchase this clip chart in my TpT store.
The color editing pencil is from my Personal Editing Checklist product in my TpT store.  I blew up the poster using our poster-maker in school and colored it in.
Those precious genre posters are by Rachel Lamb and are in her TpT store.

Each table has one of these organizers.  I like to keep minimal stuff in their desks because everything just gets lost.  I added this last drawer to make trash collecting at each table easier.

have to house math manipulatives in my room even though I'm not teaching any math.  It's a bit annoying since I have minimal storage in my room.   To avoid unpacking the boxes, I wrapped in colorful wrapping paper so these boxes weren't eye sores. 
I am SO IN LOVE with the name tags I made for my kiddos with the help of School Girl Style and KG Fonts.  My homeroom kids' names are on the left and my switch class is on the right of each desk.

Panoramic view of my view from my door. 

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